The Objectives, Responsibilities and Organisation of The Association


The Objectives, Responsibilities and Organisation of Sam Sui Association

The objects of this Association are to promote the friendly relations amongst members, to plan for ordinary members' welfare, to support any undertaking for public benefit, and to promote cultural activities including the Lion Dance Band.

(a)With regard to the investigation and registration of ordinary members.
(b)With regard to the carrying out of suitable assistances to our ordinary members.
(c)With regard to the promotion of education for ordinary members' children.
(d)With regard to the helping of ordinary members who may be in need.

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Management committee which is elected once every three years at the Annual General Meeting of the members. Unless otherwise approved by the members in the general meeting, the Management Committee shall consist of 25 office bearers. From the Management Committee, 9 committee members will be elected to form the Lion Dance Band Sub-committee.

The office bearers of the Management Committee shall elect among themselves 1 President and 4 Vice Presidents.

The Management Committee shall be divided into the following sections:
1)General Affairs Section(1 Secretary & 1 Assistant)
2)Correspondence Section(1 Chinese & 1 English)
3)Financial Section(1 Treasurer & 1 Vice Treasurer)
4)Supervisory Section(1 Officer & 1 Assistant)
5)Public Affairs Section(1 Officer & 3 Assistants )
6)Cultural & Recreation Section(1 Officer & 1 Assistant )
7)Property Section(1 Officer & 1 Assistant)
8)Youth Section(1 Officer & 1 Assistant)
9)Women Section(1 Officer & 1 Assistant)

All office bearers of the Management Committee shall hold the office for the period of three years, and may be re-elected. The President is not eligible for re-election after holding office for three (3) consecutive terms; the Treasurer is not eligible for re-election after holding office for two consecutive terms

Any office of the Management Committee that falls vacant owing to resignation or other reason, the Management Committee shall have the right to appoint from members of the Association to fill the vacancy, and the period of the office shall be the remaining of the term.

Enrolment of members:
a) Ordinary Members: Persons whose father or mother of Sam Sui ethnic origin and reaching the age of 16, irrespective of sex are eligible to membership of this Association. Persons who are below 18 years of age shall not be accepted as members without the written consent of their parent or guardian. They must be agreeable to the objects and regulations of the Association. An applicant has to be introduced by an Association's member and submit the application form to the Association. The application form is to be displaced on the notice board for one week, after which the application is to be admitted if there is no objection from any member, and when the applicant is duly examined as fit and proper to be a member. An entrance fee and  advanced payment of the annual subscription is to be made by new member to attain membership status. If investigation reveals the undesirability to admit or there is objection, then the matter is to be discussed by the Management Committee for decision. Any person whose age exceeds 75 shall not be accepted as a new member except for life membership. A member who pays the subscription in one lump sum of $300.00 will become a life member. 

b) Associate Members who come from other ethnic orgin are allowed to participate in all the activities of the Association. However, they are not eligible to vote and are not allowed to participate in management affairs of the Association.