Our guardian deity, Lord Xuan Tian Dai Di or commonly known as Bei Di, was consecrated in 1990 at our previous building at 10 Geylang Lorong 23. The deity statue was blessed by the ancient Sam Sui Luo Bao’s Bei Di Temple.

Our association celebrates the birthday of Lord Xuan Tian Da Di on the third day of the third lunar month annually. During pre-pandemic times, we would organize a banquet in accordance to the celebrations where members & guests bided for lucky items. Usually, a Taoist ceremony is conducted to give offerings and seek blessings from our association’s guardian deity in our Lord Bei Di Hall.

Our Bei Di Hall is open during regular operating hours and welcomes everyone, including members of the public to offer prayers, and offerings, seek guidance, or simply just a short visit to pay respects to our guardian deity.

新加坡三水会馆前会所落成时,北帝殿设在一楼。于一九九零年春,由芦苞祖庙恭迎北帝晉殿供奉。庇佑福祉,断灭不祥。每年农历三月初 三日,本会将会举行庆贺北帝宝诞,建醮迎真,会员善信,祚福祈 愿。晚上酬神宴会,并标投供品福物,,让善信讨 个吉祥如意,福寿康宁。



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